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Sage X3 makes the cut for Green Resources

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Green Resources


East Africa



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Sage X3

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Green Resources is a sustainable forestry company growing plantation forests across East Africa sustainable and socially just manner. Green Resources is East Africa’s largest forest development and wood processing company, managing approximately 38,000 ha of plantation forest in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda. 


The business needed to upgrade their Sage X3 application from Version 11 to Version 12. The internal system administrator was leaving creating a skills gap. The new system administrator was looking for a Sage X3 partner who could be a mentor and train them to a high standard as well as offering comprehensive product support. X3 Consulting were chosen as the preferred partner. The goal was to help transform business processes, maintain their degree of self-sufficiency, deliver greater automation and benefit from the upgrade new product features. 

Green Resources, established back in 1995, has always been keen to keep ahead of technological advancements by using the latest technology to improve operations and manage change.  


X3 Consulting implemented the latest Sage X3 application onto the Green Resources Azure hosted platform and migrated the existing V11 solution up to V12. As part of the process X3 Consulting resolved issues arising from application development which didn’t conform to the Sage standard and enabled the entire dataset and functional capability to be replicated from V11 to V12. X3 Consulting have continued to support the business with training and system changes, helping to utilise the latest product features further.  

A key focus has been on streamlining order processing and making things faster and more efficient for internal users. That has had a positive impact on their utilisation of the Sage X3 system. Sage X3 is the driver of information across the business, which is why Green Resources felt the upgrade was required. 

We needed a partner who could guide us through the upgrade process and provide the necessary expertise for the Sage X3 upgrade but also the ongoing learning and act as a mentor. We wanted a partner with a broad range of skills, who could cover the finance, distribution and manufacturing areas of Sage X3, both from a support and consultancy basis and X3 Consulting stood out for us as the ideal partner. Added Emmanuel Kiwaya, ERP Manager of Green Resources


The upgrade provided functional enhancements across finance, manufacturing and distribution. The software is much faster and more responsive for users across the business and provides greater visibility across their entire operations.  The upgraded API framework has provided simpler and more user-centric interactions across the warehouse and distribution functions. 

It provides reassurance of the data reliability, in terms of reporting and reviewing, you know this is the most accurate and up-to-date version of information you are seeing. Greater auditing functions have improved visibility over users and reduced reporting errors.  

“There are also some very technical experienced people at X3 Consulting who work with me; I do not need to bridge the gap in between what I want to do and how I can achieve it technically, as they understand our needs.” 

“Sage X3 has increased our confidence in the data we are viewing to provide a current and accurate view of our business financials. It has allowed us to introduce credit limits on customer accounts with significant gains to our operating profit.” added Emmanuel Kiwaya, ERP Manager from Green Resources

About Sage x3

A scalable, global business management system, Sage X3 has been designed to support industry specific processes across finance, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and customer relationship management. Sage X3 manages all areas of your business in one solution.Modules within the system are parameterised and can be enabled as the demands of the business grow; a solution for the future.


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