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Sperry Rail on track to success with Sage X3

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For 85 years, Sperry has been the world leader in Rail health solutions, helping railroads achieve continuous safety and performance improvements. Sperry is the largest provider of Rail health services in the world, having inspected well over 12 million miles of track and having found more than 6 million rail defects.


Sperry Rail’s UK division has experienced rapid growth which has been hampered by their knowledge of Sage X3 and the capabilities within the Sage X3 system. What Sperry Rail do is technically very specialist, with a high level of health & safety compliance. The business grows by using AI to help streamline processes. Sperry are looking to expand into other countries and want to ensure their technology can grow and expand with them

Sage X3 was selected and implemented around five years ago by the leading US Sage X3 partner, Net-At-Work, and has been rolled out across the global organisation. Globally, Sperry Rail companies have different local governance and compliance issues which Sage X3 handles well. In relation to the UK operations specifically, local support was needed to help fully understand the full capabilities of the system and to help automate processes.


X3 Consulting were asked to assist the UK business with support and provide a better understanding to the team of the software capabilities within the UK markets. Working in collaboration with Net-At-Work, X3 Consulting provide Sperry Rail with access to UK specialist consultancy and assistance, whilst using the software within UK time zones.

The biggest challenge was the change of people from the initial application design and delivery. Very little knowledge within the UK team of the specific Sage X3 set-up existed and there was room to improve Sage X3 to fit the UK company requirements.

With over 30 users globally the project was centered in the US and rolled out across the various countries by Net-At-Work. X3 Consulting supplemented that process by helping align the Sage X3 system to the changes the UK business needs.

“X3 Consulting have been really helpful in supporting our UK operations and making changes to the software as we work through our processes and align the system.” Marc Lunn, Interim Accountant (Consultant), Sperry Rail

“We’ve reduced the amount of duplication across systems where we were inputting stock by over 50%.”


Through the collaboration of Sage partners, X3 Consulting and Net-At-Work, Sperry Rail now have a country-based partner who can assist with bringing Sage X3 in line with UK operations and processes. We can provide localised help and support to the Sperry Rail UK staff whilst also extending the capacity and localisation of the US partner’s consulting team. Sage X3 provides global finance, procurement and inventory control for Sperry Rail who continue to improve their use of Sage X3 and increase their return on investment with Sage.

About Sage x3

A scalable, global business management system, Sage X3 has been designed to support industry specific processes across finance, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and customer relationship management. Sage X3 manages all areas of your business in one solution.Modules within the system are parameterised and can be enabled as the demands of the business grow; a solution for the future.


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