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Woven migrate from Sage 200 to Sage X3

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UK and South Africa


Business Process Outsourcing

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Sage X3 and Data and Analytics

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Woven is a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) and contact centre operation providing outsourced customer service solutions for well-known brands, such as in and outbound email, chat and SMS services, along with back-office processes.


With successive company acquisitions, international expansion and client growth, Woven was on an upward trajectory. The group’s services were in high demand, but its internal business processes and financial systems were beginning to feel the stretch. Sage 200 didn’t have the scalability or flexibility the business needed to control admin overheads.
The Woven team provide a human and digital solution to their clients, helping them expand their customer services by offering in and outbound email, chat and SMS services, along with back-office processes. Since its inception in 2018, Woven has grown rapidly, acquiring three complimentary contact centre businesses, and employing some 1,200 people in the UK and South Africa. It is driven by the mantra “People powered by technology”, which was never more evident than during the pandemic when it supported businesses and care homes to continue operating by providing their services online or by phone.


The company needed a fully integrated ERP solution to support all of its operations, streamline its processes and provide full transparency and accountability. The system in use at the time was Sage 200 which lacked the key features to handle Woven’s growing and increasingly international business. Sage X3 ticked all the boxes. Not one to delay, the implementation of the Sage technology was done in double quick time. For a project that normally takes six to nine months, Woven working with X3 Consulting did it in four. X3 Consulting managed the whole project and trained the Woven team remotely during the pandemic. “We had very few outstanding issues because the training and understanding of Sage by the X3 Consulting team was so good. Once we had gone live we had weekly meetings with the X3 Consulting Sage helpdesk. Any problems that arose were dealt with promptly by X3 Consulting who were very responsive throughout the whole process,” says Judi Babbage, Financial Processes Consultant, Woven.

Being able to see real-time data and put reports together without too much fiddling has been amazing.

And it’s not just the speed that’s remarkable, it’s that the data can now be trusted too so we don’t have to spend hours rechecking everything.

The beauty with Sage X3 is that we’re always in a position to accommodate procedural changes which keeps us always working within Sage X3, no more spreadsheets!


Sage X3 and Data Analytics have provided Woven with reliable 24/7 remote access to real-time data, one common database, and better data processes so that the data itself is clean and up-to-date.

  • Remote access to real-time data anytime, anywhere
  • Secure system critical for customer data protection
  • Cloud access for multi-site, multi-country, multi-jurisdictional group
  • New requisitions order process improving transparency and accountability
  • In-depth data analytics and instant reporting

About Sage x3

A scalable, global business management system, Sage X3 has been designed to support industry specific processes across finance, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and customer relationship management. Sage X3 manages all areas of your business in one solution.Modules within the system are parameterised and can be enabled as the demands of the business grow; a solution for the future.


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