The recruitment process will aim to select the most suitable person for the job in respect of experience and qualifications and the Employer will comply with its equal opportunities policy in this regard. No assumptions or pre-judgements must be made by those recruiting about the suitability of either gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, gender reassignment, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, disability or age for a particular job.

All recruitment publicity will positively encourage applications from suitably qualified, experienced people and should avoid any stereotyping of roles.

Vacancies will be advertised in a variety of ways to ensure that a fair cross section of potential applicants have access to the advertisement.

Application forms will only include those questions which are necessary at the initial stages of selection. All questions on the application form will be relevant and non-discriminatory.

At interview, no questions will be asked or assumptions made about a candidate’s personal and domestic circumstances or plans. Where the requirements of the job affect the candidate’s personal life (e.g. unsocial hours or travel) this should be discussed objectively.

Applicants will not be asked about their health or any disability before a job offer is made. There are limited exceptions which should only be used with prior approval by the Senior Manager. For example:

Questions necessary to establish if an applicant can perform an intrinsic part of the job (subject to any reasonable adjustments).

Questions to establish if an applicant is fit to attend an assessment or interview or to establish if any reasonable adjustments are needed at an interview or assessment.

Equal opportunities monitoring (any completed forms will not be made available to the interviewer and will not form part of the decision-making process).

We also encourage all employees to report on any matters relating to prejudicial behaviour or treatment of which they become aware.



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