ERP software for asset and wealth management

Four key trends reshaping
wealth and asset management firms

Moving forward with the new world of asset and wealth management

The pandemic marked big changes and disruption to our professional and personal lives across the globe.

And in an unpredictable and profoundly changing environment, how do we move forward productively?

As many of us now find ourselves working remotely, the increased dependence on technology has never been more essential—and is likely to be even more so in the foreseeable future.

In the enclosed eBook, we cover a few key trends we’re seeing evolve in asset and wealth management services. We hope you find this information useful as we, together, aim to move forward with technology.

Leading cloud financial management & accounting software for asset and wealth management

Configurable dashboards for better data and analysis

Sage Intacct role-based dashboards and performance cards show your wealth management organisation’s performance in real-time. Not only can you track financial data including P&L, budget vs. plan, and cash, but you can also filter, slice, and drill down to see metrics and trends by their drivers.

Graduate to the software solution ranked #1 in customer satisfaction that streamlines accounting and finance for wealth management firms.

Consolidate continuously for diversified portfolios

Say goodbye to time-consuming, error-prone consolidations across complex entity structures. 

Simplify your chart of accounts and conduct continuous consolidations automatically so you can make smarter decisions, faster.

  • Reduce the number of entries needed by as much as 90% with a shared dimensional chart of accounts
  • Lower the amount of time to consolidate the books from weeks to minutes
  • Empower your team to be more productive and strategic

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Trend #1: Generational ownership change is pushing new technology preferences and adoption

Trend #2: Disrupted pace means digitalisation is essential

Trend #3: The sharing economy will be embedded across the financial system

Trend #4: Financial services converge on platforms

Best-in-class cloud accounting software to guide your clients and grow your business

embrace innovation and technology to offer more value-added services to support sustained growth.

Today’s financial advisors are doubling down on their level of engagement with clients. Clients not only want information about their investments but also want reassurance that their finances are in order. Your ability to respond to client needs and achieve bottom-line growth is paramount. We are here to help simplify and streamline that for you.


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