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Why businesses must build a strong digital core

businesses need to connect

Prioritising digital innovation is now critical to businesses who want to stay competitive into the future.

Almost every part of a business involves digital tools, whether internal or external. Leveraging these tools can have multiple benefits for your company – not just in terms of innovation, but productivity too.

This is especially important in industries like manufacturing, distribution and services, where providing high quality at low cost is paramount to your success.

However, if you’re not used to them, the tools of digital innovation can be intimidating. What do they do, and can they help your business in the long-term?



The ‘Heart of Innovation‘ guide will cover:

Big data analytics

The Internet of Things

Simulations and 3D printing

Automation, robotics and artificial intelligence

How changing your business management can support digital transformation

how can businesses level up their technology?

According to Sage and Capital Economics, 71% of SME’s recognise that technology will increase profitability.

Read this whitepaper to learn how cloud technology can make your business more efficient and ultimately reduce your costs.

The heart of Innovation covers four key areas that a business can focus on to improve productivity: data and analytics, connected workplace and systems, simulations and 3D printing, and lastly, automation and artificial intelligence.

Download the guide to learn about the options available to help your business level up.