Sage X3 Manufacturing

Sage X3 Manufacturing is a powerful ERP application that allows you to manage the entire manufacturing process; lowering stock volumes, reducing shipping overheads and allowing better negotiation of supplier pricing.

Sage X3 Manufacturing can help you handle inventory better, manage production costs, analyse product line profitability, and simplify operations, allowing your business to work faster and more efficiently.

From procurement and scheduling to shop floor process management, Sage X3 Manufacturing provides better insight on quality and cost control, lowering stock volumes to negotiating better supplier pricing increasing the overall operational efficiency of your business. Sage X3 Manufacturing enables your business to implement continuous improvement programs, reduce costs and improve customer experiences with improved response times.

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    Sage X3 Manufacturing


    Accelerates process cycles

    Reduce stock volumes

    Reduce shipping overheads

    Negotiate better supplier rates

    Increase efficiency while driving down operational costs

    Are you looking to drive your business operations with powerful capabilities?

    Powerful capabilities for manufacturing include:

    • Production management methods by job, order or inventory
    • Automated finite capacity planning
    • Extensive lot, sub-lot, and serial number traceability
    • Flexible work order release management capabilities

    Sage X3 Manufacturing allows you to access many powerful tools, including fully comprehensive MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and a fully interactive graphical production scheduler, making any unforeseen production changes easy to manage.  Providing your business with the control you need to efficiently run your shop floor.

    The Sage X3 Manufacturing module sits together with all of the other modules within Sage Sage Business Cloud X3, allowing for a seamless view of all of your business critical data.

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