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Choosing the right ERP software provider.

Make Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation A Success Story

ERP Implementation is one of the most challenging phases of the ERP project for almost every customer. 55% to 75% of all ERP projects fail to meet their objectives due to poor implementation. It’s the point at which there’s no turning back so you have to be sure that the Sage implementation partner you’re working with is capable of delivering what you need, when you need it and at the right price. X3 Consulting have been the “go to” partner for most of the Sage partners across the UK for over 15 years. We’re known in the industry as the rescue squad who can bring back from the brink failed implementations or deliver a go-live in an incredibly tight window.

Our services

X3 Consulting can help you manage your business using Sage X3 and Sage Intacct, reducing operational costs across a global scale


How to prepare for implementation

It may be helpful to consider the following questions when planning your ERP implementation strategy:

How effective are your current business procedures?
Are processes consistent across your offices and teams?
How much of what your organisation is already automated?
Do you want to heavily customise a system to fit your business, or take the opportunity to standardise your practices?
Can you integrate other software packages to the ERP system to meet your needs?
Is your existing data ready and compatible for ERP migration?
Will your organisation be supportive of the change and your timeline?
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Spread the cost of ERP implementation

X3 Consulting ERP consultants bring real-life industry expertise to ERP implementation – with backgrounds in services, logistics, retail, distribution, and manufacturing.

A fully integrated ERP solution consolidates core business functions in one place. Processes are automated to eliminate manual intervention and data errors. One single, cohesive system provides a real-time view of financial health, enabling better decisions, driving faster responses and delivering greater financial control.

Finding the right partner and working together

The first phase of ERP implementation involves choosing the right ERP software provider. The next steps may involve installing some, or all, of the solution onsite, configuring the system to match your user and process needs, migrating all your data and, finally, training the end-users.

At X3 Consulting our Sage implementation service will bring you and your team on the journey. We talk in simple terms, work to detailed plans and have clearly stated objectives for each phase. We have our own collaboration application specifically designed to keep all key components of the delivery under the spotlight.

We have experienced project managers who will deliver plans and regular updates to keep your project on track and our consultants are second to none.

Our professional Sage consultants can provide you with the highest level of strategic Sage implementation delivery; simplifying business processes and ensuring the applications are seamlessly integrated to create one solution.

Let us introduce Trax3ion

Unlike the rest of the industry we have a specifically designed application, called Trax3ion that provides a totally unique form of project control and is especially formulated for rapid delivery of ERP projects.

Right from the start we’re reducing overhead, repetition and the opportunity for misinterpretation.

As we get the inputs from you and your team during the Sage implementation cycle they are locked in to Trax3ion and form part of the solution immediately.

We know that Trax3ion reduces the typical ERP scoping and implementation phase by over 30%.

Our project management team have 25+ years of experience in ERP, at front and back of house, with many successful implementations across multiple industries and applications. Add to that PRINCE2 Practitioner accreditation and we create the perfect environment for rapid delivery and tight timescales.

Internal Controls

Clear view

View critical business data in one central location

Better performance

Make decisions in real-time and plan for the future

Collaboration tool

Save hours with online scoping from Trax3ion

Sage partner

Experienced and trained ERP  consultants

Strategic implementation and delivery

Delivering a real difference…
X3 Consulting implementation methodology is all about the task and the objective; meaning we’re very goal driven. We focus on getting the job done, hitting the target and making sure the implementation remains on plan. X3 Consulting is known for achieving success in impossible timeframes and challenging environments.

Demonstrating we’re a credible alternative…
If this wasn’t enough our team are all experienced and qualified, each with many years of consulting on Sage X3.We have extensive multi-legal, multi-fiscal and multi-lingual capabilities in the team and are well used to international project delivery.

Integration of third party applications
As if our skills with the core product weren’t enough to lock down the best solution, we also have our own development team who can integrate third party applications directly with Sage X3 as part of the process or function at hand. This sort of Sage implementation reduces data transfer risk and vastly improves user acceptance of the new Sage X3 system.


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