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Sage X3 2024 R1 update

Sage X3 Strategic Roadmap Q1 2024

User experience

  • Cloud experience Easily manage solutions that are secure, performant and optimised
  • Automated Test Platform Simplify Sage X3 upgrades and minimize the need for manual testing
  • Simplification and ease of use Simplify, enhance, and refresh the user experience

Automation and compliance

  • Supporting customers to comply in the face of accelerated change
  • Expanded global compliance with electronic invoicing
  • Invoice Automation: AR and AP invoice automation using Sage Inbox
  • Stock Valuation Enhanced flexibility in tooling

Operational excellence

  • eXtensibility and API extensions driving innovation and elevating the user experience
  • Automation and mobile operations incl. extensibility and tailoring

Planing and visibility

  • Customer and Supply views providing 360 degree insight
  • Improved planning and scheduling allowing operations managers to get more from critical resources


The Sage X3 Extensibility Framework

An integration platform with a strong, native GraphQL API, that does not require prior knowledge of the product.

A new user interface framework with a modern, vibrant feel to elevate the user’s experience.

  • Mobile apps
    Webapps / Desktop apps New UI for X3
    New components in X3

The capacity to customise and extend Sage X3 GraphQL APIs and the new user interface.

Modernise Sage X3

New components and new pages to elevate the user’s experience

  • Powerful, easy to use Dashboards
  • Modern UI pages in X3 with new components
  • New event-driven workflow
  • New print service (replace Crystal Reports)

Elevate the user experience

Simplifying the user’s workflow with state-of-the art user interface

  • Partner apps: Simplify, modernise, elevate
  • Sage apps: Accelerated delivery of new X3 Apps
  • Customisation of Mobile Automation & other X3 Apps

Robust integration

A Modern, efficient, robust, standard GraphQL API

  • Third party apps & services: Vertical depth & modernisation
  • Accelerate Tech Partner onboarding
  • Shared services: Shop Floor, Customer Portal…
  • The Sage Network
New dashboard layout

For more information about Sage X3 2024 R1 update, why not register for our webinar, where we will delve into the new changes and guide you through how this can help your business, or contact Joshua Park one of our business experts for further information on upgrading to the latest version of Sage X3.