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Sage X3 Version 12 2022 R3 quarterly update and SEI urgent action required

SEI Security update

Sage and its partners take the security of its customer solutions extremely seriously, and regularly undertake proactive testing across products to identify potential vulnerabilities and provide fixes.

We have recently become aware of a security vulnerability in Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

The necessary measures to address this vulnerability including configuration changes and patch updates have been taken. As all versions of SEI may be vulnerable, we ask you to take the following action to protect yourself:

For customers hosted in the SEI Cloud, the latest version of software has been deployed and no further action is required. For all other customers:

The latest version of SEI was launched on 26 July 2022. This version is not impacted by the vulnerability. For customers running a version of SEI that is in the support maintenance window or on a subscription, upgrading to the latest version of the SEI software is the best route to fixing the vulnerability.

Alternatively, if you are running a version of SEI which is within the maintenance window but you would prefer not to upgrade to the latest version, please use the patch provided for your version of the software.

All upgrades and patch fixes can be found at:

Customers running a version of SEI that is outside the support maintenance window are advised to upgrade their software to a version that is supported to ensure they are protected.




Sage X3 Version 12 2022 R3 quarterly update

Here’s an overview of new and enhanced capabilities delivered with Sage X3 Version 12 2022 R3quarterly update release.



SEPA updated to v3.5

Bank file definitions for SEPA files for credit transfers and direct debit have been upgraded to version 3.5 in compliance with Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft requirements and the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard.

VAT Framework –Improvements

For a simplified experience, you can select the Enable VAT on payments checkbox to display the related fields in the VAT returns function. If this checkbox is not selected, the fields are hidden.


Sage X3 Mobile Automation

Purchase receipt transaction

In the Purchase receipt transaction, you can search a product using the product supplier code or the supplier UPC code.

Unlink an LPN

You can now use the LPN unlinking transaction to unlink stock lines froma License plate number.


Sage X3 Mobile Automation

Time tracking

For an improved user experience, anew Mobile Automation Time tracking transaction has been enhanced totrack time for an unplanned operation. A Standard operation can also be selected as an unplanned operation.

Material consumption enhancements

The Mobile Automation material consumption functionality has been enhanced to only display lots and sublots available in stock when selecting lots and sublots for a component.

Sage X3 Web Scheduling

New sedApta version: 2022

This release introduces a new brand interface with a simpler installation package. For preinstallation recommendations please visit the Sage X3 Online help center.


To enhance your user experience, a number of add-ins have been delivered with the Sage X3 platform, including:

Notification server

Notification server screen enhancements have been made, thereare also new transport types for the notification server and workflow emails.

File Uploads-Invalid Characters

To improve accuracy and save time,an errordisplays when you upload files with invalid characters.



Enhancements have been made to the Sage X3 GraphQL schema to add various nodes and properties, find below. For more information and supporting materials, please click here.

  • Attribute values for Finite scheduler
  • Finite scheduler custom values
  • Managing deletions for Finite scheduler
  • Optimisation matrices for Finitescheduler
  • Setup matrix for Finite scheduler
  • Setup time exception lines for Finite scheduler
  • Work order link for Finite scheduler
  • TimeEntry Line (mutation)

Sage X3 Automated Test Platform

Enhancements have been made to the Sage X3 Automated Test Platform version 2.8.0 for your user experience, this contains:

  • Screenshots on demand
  • Platform installation and update using a new setup wizard to install and update the Sage X3 Automated Test Platform library


Want to learn more?

The Sage X3 Central Centre of Excellence team are running a series of New Feature Highlights sessions where you can learn the value of the newest features  of Sage X3 2022 R3. Please visit Sage University and New Features Highlights 2022 R3 to register for the briefings.