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Sage X3 Version 12: Highlighted features

Sage released version 12 for Sage X3 back in 2019. This article will highlight the key improvements brought from version 11 to version 12.

With the new responsive design the navigation is easier, so you can easily locate essential menu items such as:

  • Real-time custom dashboards for certain business functions;
  • Agile workflows that enable you to accelerate business management;
  • Data and process requests;
  • Frequently used tabs with quick access via bookmarks;
  • Main modules and functions with simple site map lookup.

New Cloud Service Possibilities

The cloud service on Sage X3 allows you to choose from Private Cloud and Public Cloud applications with customisation tailored to your needs.
Sage’s new solution is enhanced by APIs that are designed to streamline integrations with industry solutions. Developers and customers can now connect third party applications with the solution, for further automatisation in processes and connections.


Sage X3 Version 12 gives users access to additional reporting features, increasing your business’s financial insight with data from across your whole organisation that is available immediately. These features include reports on suppliers, customers, GL account journals, and balances.

Electronic Signatures and Journal Traceability

The un-falsifiable signatures help improve the security of your sales and posting transactions. Journal traceability has been improved and meets the latest audit requirements.

Additional Reports

New reports on suppliers, customers, account journals and balances so you can perform your financial analysis with readily available data.


License Plate Management

Easily track containers and logistics units (pallets, drums, boxes, etc.) in all the distribution process and get detailed information about the life cycle of each product. Users can additionally manage logistics and track key information for a group of items with a single lot or license plate number, driving efficiency across the supply chain.

Distribution Flexibility

Version 12 has improvements to EDI sales, costing, invoicing and purchasing functionality. Sales and Procurement benefit from items such as:

  • Default supplier per product site
  • Non-invoice deliveries
  • Auto update to project dimensions on sales/purchase documents
  • Scheduled invoice generation
  • Registered Export System (REX) identification exports outside EU
  • Stock receipt valuation and costing enhancements
  • EDI: XML generation



Easily identify dependencies between work orders and raw material availability to improve planning and capacity to promise.

Non-Conformance Functionality

Implement continuous improvement programs by identifying issues, adjusting and then following up on previously identified issues. “Nonconformity” can be identified as an error in a service, product or process. Sage X3 now facilitates rapid creation of nonconformity and defines, monitors, and verifies corrective actions required.

Waiting Time Scheduling

Schedule the standby time or uptime over a 24-hour period to record events such as machine cooling or other downtime.

Production Management

Mass replacement and deletion within Versioning reducing overhead of maintaining Bills of Material versions. Coupled with improvements to the versioning process of being able to add/update and remove critical changes to revisions.

New Production Scheduler (product release imminent) designed to provide closer integration and functionality to support a broader industry use.

Weigh scale improvements to deliver greater pharmaceutical compliance.


Project Management

Get a clear view of your projects and easily review project trends and performance with snapshots functionality. Other features included:

Automation Tools – Simplify and accelerate stock allocations and budgets in project management with integrated automation;

Labour Time Tracking – Record the time required and get an overview of the capability of the feature by color coding.

Sage X3 Version 12 not only equips you with all the latest features and functionality discussed above, but ensures that you are on a version of the software that is actively supported and developed by Sage. Those who are using Version 9 or below (V6, V7, PU8 or PU9), should speak to their support partner about upgrading.

At X3 Consulting, we have successfully helped many of our customers upgrade from legacy versions of Sage X3 to current versions. Our tried and tested approach using our own scoping software Trax3ion ensures a seamless move from your current solution, to the modern version. Get in touch with the team today to find out more