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Successful ERP implementation involves right planning 

Automate your scoping process

Introducing Trax3ion, specifically created for business partners and professional service consultants. It is a completely new way to automate the creation of Enterprise Management folders during the initial stages of project implementation.

Trax3ion can be used for ERP Automation, Sage EM, X3, Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics Automation and SAP Automation.

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Trax3ion is a completely new way to automate the creation of Enterprise Management folders during the initial stages of project implementation.


How will Trax3ion help?

Trax3ion ERP Automation can be used for ERP Project Management, ERP Implementation, ERP implementation methodology and to help streamline your existing ERP Implementation.

Reduce the scoping process by a third.

We use our very own scoping application called Trax3ion to generate a specialised set of documents, which will ultimately generate the basic setup for your Sage X3 or Sage Intacct application install. Trax3ion reduces the risk of not covering key areas effectively and reduces the whole scoping and business analysis process by up to 1/3rd.

Predefined templates available

Even if you forget a question the system remembers it for you. Predefined templates ensure you collect vital information during every stage of your requirement gathering workshops. You can even assign questions to a specific user, so that they can be independently tracked during every stage of the progress. And, even better, the predefined templates can be shared and duplicated by your entire team.

Trusted implementation partners

X3 Consulting have many years of experience in delivering ERP projects so we can be trusted to make sure you don’t suffer like other businesses.

If you’re worried your existing ERP solution hasn’t been implemented properly; if your team has a lack of training; or your business has simply outgrown your legacy ERP system, we can help.

Simple solutions for implementation issues

Trax3ion offers a unique and simple solution to day-to-day implementation issues. Drastically reducing the time it takes for almost every key task – from requirement gathering to configuration.


TraX3ion drastically reduces time spent performing tediously repetitive tasks. Simple and easy-to-use automation means things like writing up your requirement analysis become, instantly, far less onerous.


Thanks to clever key task automation you can save money and stay focused on the vital things that are essential to the implementation process.


TraX3ion’s intuitive and clearly predefined structure – plus its unbeatable tracking abilities – keep you right on track at every stage of your project. From beginning to end you are in complete control.

Internal Controls

Clear view

Improve visibility into your entire cash management picture

Better controls

Increase control by automating complex cash-management processes

Improve processes

Save hours by streamlining processing


Early intergrate with order


Read, watch, and share best practices


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