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Here at X3 Consulting we have the unenviable position of having been the go-to partner for the Sage community over the years. Largely, this is because we have a flexible and adaptive attitude to projects, which is focused more on the “what” and less on the “why”. Once we have a clear mandate on the requirements through our business analysis consultancy we can produce a plan, which will position the right outcome at the heart of the process.

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X3 Consulting can help you manage your business using Sage X3 and Sage Intacct, reducing operational costs across a global scale

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If you feel your ERP project is in trouble, learn about how we perform ERP Rescue and Recovery. We’ve turned around a number of failing ERP implementations

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By the time you realise that you have to do something different to get the project live it’s usually at immense cost to the business in terms of time, resource and credibility.

Over the last 10 years we’ve been called in by many of the well-established Sage partners and even by Sage themselves to assist with projects that have gone wrong.

We’re fully aware that neither you nor your current partner will have set out with a view that you would need an ERP rescue. The harsh reality is however that often projects do end up off plan, off budget and off course!

Working with us

At any stage of a failing ERP or CRM implementation, we can join your project and perform recovery. Our team follows a goals-based, collaborative approach that is very thorough without necessarily taking a lot of time. We start by understanding your business goals and your reasons for implementing a new system.

We can help get your ERP project back on track

Get in touch with us and share where you are with your project, what you’re trying to achieve and when. We’ll be happy to engage with you to establish a clear set of actions, which will help you achieve your aims. You’ll speak with a highly experienced ERP consultant who will be able to take a balanced view on your project and provide valuable advice on next steps.

Often, it’s just a voice of reason or the application of some simple logic that is needed to prevent the need for an ERP rescue project to happen at all.

Our overview and assessment come with no charge and we know that even just having a sounding board can be enough to get a different response from your current partner and prevent an ERP rescue scenario. Many customers prefer to have us undertake an audit of application delivery, which requires a more in-depth approach. We’re happy to discuss this with you once we’ve got a feel for what’s required.

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