supply chain management software

A supply chain management solution puts you back in control of your business.

How can supply chain software help your business?

Greater supply chain visibility and control means greater efficiency across your entire business. 

A successful supply chain management strategy enables businesses to see and control the flow of goods and services across the organisation. Using software to automatically track movements and help plan resource requirements based on real-time data and insights, ensures that everything is where you need it, when you need it. 


Gain a clearer picture of your supply chain to give you the competitive advantage. It’s not just about seeing what’s going on around your business. Having a clearer picture of your supply chain, and where your products come from, also has a huge impact on your bottom line. As well as your reputation within your industry.


The right business management tool gives you full visibility across your entire supply chain and operations. Everyone—from suppliers to customers—can easily see everything they need to know and more. Whether it’s customer information, stock levels, past purchases or quotes from your e-commerce business.


Are you looking to co-ordinate your multi channel distribution using better technology? Does your multi-channel distribution include a retail store, website, sales representatives, telephone orders social channels? Distributors need to find new ways to partner with their customers to become more efficient for the end customer. That means re-imagining workflows and identifying where distributors can integrate to move closer to the end customer by adopting new technology.   

Do you know the route to a more profitable business?

Seize control of your stock

Improve visibility across the supply chain to ensure accountability for all stakeholders, from suppliers to customers. Understand all aspects of your inventory, product profitability, order to cash, and warehouse operations so you can stock, pick, and fulfil orders more efficiently.

Ramp up profit margins

Make better purchasing decisions and margins and manage supplier quality and performance. Manage sales force assignments with ease and track corresponding targets and commissions.

Improve customer service with mobile technologies

Mobility, both in the warehouse and out on the road, is one of the major trends affecting your industry – without it, your team can end up being tied to a computer terminal or wasting a customer’s time in the field. Your business can’t afford to be left behind.



– 50+ employees
– Turnover £20m+

Sage Business Cloud X3 manages your entire manufacturing operation faster and more effectively – from procurement and scheduling to shop floor, inventory, sales and financials – and provides better insight on quality and costs to promote strategic collaboration and improved operational efficiency.


Distribution, Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing,  Chemicals, Food & Beverage and Services,

Sage Intacct

– 20+ employees
– Turnover £3m+

Sage Intacct Manufacturing provides a cloud native solution that helps manufacturers gain real time visibility into their entire chain of operations from purchasing, production, inventory to sales. By combining Sage Intacct Manufacturing with Sage Intacct you can comprehensively manage financials and accounting, manufacturing, and operations though a single solution.


Service based industries including Professional services, Finance, Distribution/Wholesale, Manufacturing

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CHALLENGES #1 Complexity
An unorganised or overly complicated back office can make life difficult, especially for finance and accounting teams.


Businesses with multiple legacy systems, and no centralised location for these requirements, are already at a disadvantage when it comes to serving customers. Sage consolidates your work systems into one solution.
CHALLENGE #2 Teamwork
Teams who can’t collaborate effectively may be missing out on new opportunities.

By making your data centralized, accessible and always up to date, departments and individual employees can work better together.
CHALLENGE #3 Division
A disconnect between processes, technologies, machinery, and the workforce slows everything down, which can leave you struggling to meet customer expectations and respond to changes in the market.

The right system helps you manage purchasing processes from beginning to end, starting with management of Requests for Quotes (RFQs), input and follow-up of replies, and integration into the price list base. You can optimise your stock, keep up with demand and ensure efficiency through real-time monitoring of inventory status. Having effective scanning and bar-coding functionality, for example, helps ensure that your materials and products are properly tracked.
CHALLENGE #4 Productivity
Measuring the productivity of remote workers can be challenging. Scheduling their work can also be time-consuming—with many competing priorities, personal obligations, absences and other issues.

The right business management solution will improve employees’ performance and reduce the logistical complexity of scheduling their work. Sage manages to compare the actual time employees spent on tasks and travels with the expected time budgeted. You can check efficiency and provide support where issues are identified.
CHALLENGE #5 Organisation
Every customer interaction is critical but can be difficult to manage.

Remote sales teams can access info such as stock information, past orders, open quotes, etc., whenever they need it, for sales with their clients—whether they are working at home or visiting their offices.
CHALLENGE #6 Time wasting
Repetitive tasks can take time away from customer engagements.

When your teams spend more than half of their days manually inputting data into Excel sheets or other mundane, error-prone manual tasks, productivity plummets. Sage reduces repetitive tasks through automation, saving them time and giving them the ability to create new orders while they are with the client.
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