We are putting the spotlight on our team and just how great they really are. In our recent training day hosted by Sage at their offices in Newcastle we rounded off the day with a little surprise awards ceremony to recognise some of the hard work by the team. As a small team we have a high level of communication between our team and remain committed to keeping our customer focussed support. Working with a smaller team not only gives our client a personal touch, but allows us to coordinate easily and efficiently when ur clients need us the most.

Alfred has gone above and beyond to help resolve customer issues and is always happy to help. He has worked the longest hours known, without a flinch and enjoys supporting the wider team. Alfred always goes the extra mile to help the team which is why he has been chosen as the ‘Support Superstar’ of the team.

The team has shown incredible growth over the last 12 month and is adapting to the latest expansion which almost doubles the team! X3 Consulting builds up their people through support, recognition and growth. The recent awards was part of a new initiative to highlight the hard work of some of the individuals who have stood out over the last 12 months. Both Nick and Jaco, the Directors of the business, lead the team by supporting everyones roles within the business and offering ways to promote growth through industry training and personal development. Through this supportive, encouraging approach, X3C can grow as a team and help build on their potential and strength as a smaller business. Keeping their uniqueness is key, which is why customers and clients stay with them.

Spotlight this week:

Alfred Mlambo


Support Superstar