As part of our BIG 3 series, we are focusing on the 3 main issues faced in the distribution industry at this time. Automation key help reduce time and increase efficiency.

The Wholesale and Distribution Industry must be fast and responsive to customer needs, especially the demand is high, requiring reliable and real-time supply chain management. The right distribution software will not only help your business manage these challenges; it will create a seamless efficiency across all your business functions.

Automate your business processes and boost efficiency with a comprehensive enterprise solution designed to meet the specific needs of wholesale distributors and manufacturing distribution arms. Sage X3 for Distribution provides in-depth capabilities for every area of your business, including customer order fulfillment, CRM, warehousing, data collection, inventory control, purchasing and financial management.


Fully Integrated Distribution Functionalities

Sage X3 distribution application integrates fully with sales, inventory, purchasing, CRM, and accounting functions for full control and tracking of business-wide activities.

Inventory Management

Understand all aspects of your inventory, product profitability, order to cash, and warehouse operations so you can stock, pick, and fulfill orders more efficiently.

Quality & Compliance

Improve real-time visibility across the global supply chain to ensure transparency for all stakeholders–from suppliers to customers.

Mobile Apps

Empower a mobile sales force with visibility into customers, stocks, past purchases, quotes, and promotions through any connected device.

Workflow Management

Streamline operations and enhance information flow with both employees and business partners.

Business Intelligence

Promote faster, more effective management reporting and decision-making with real-time, embedded business intelligence analytics and user-defined dashboards.

Integrated, industry-specific operations in real time

Sage X3 ERP is a fully integrated, pre-configured software solution that ensures consistent, cross-functional use across your distribution business. Its singular system and database account for all users involved in operating your business, so you can easily manage distribution, CRM, warehouse and accounting functions.

The advanced planning and control capabilities of Sage X3 use real-time and historical information to help track inventory levels and costs, optimize product mix and reduce waste. Embedded support for multiple languages, currencies, companies, sites and legislations simplifies international business management.

If you’d like to know more about how your business could boost efficiency and increase customer fulfilment, then talk to us or download some more information from our business guide.