Fintech Digital Roadshow 2022

Adopting technology to become a digitalised business

Welcome to the launch of the Fintech Digital Roadshow 2022. In this newly launched business roadshow, we want to help you take the next step towards digital transformation.

It’s been a hot topic for business leaders over the last few years, now it’s time to focus on technology trends that maximise the value of what the organisation creates. These technologies demonstrate the IT force multipliers that will in turn win business and market share.

On the 14th September Fintech Digital 2022 kicks off the UK tour in Leeds with this face-to-face roadshow covering the three big topics for business leaders; Growth, Digitalisation and Technology.

Our hand-picked thought leaders and senior business experts, including PwC UK, FSB, Sage, Zap business intelligence, Frontline data security and X3 Consulting ERP transformation specialists will present key topics with a choice of attending either the breakfast briefing or lunch briefing.

The roadshow will provide an insight into building a digital network, embracing technology with a roadmap to digital transformation, forging the way for growth and evolution of businesses into the digital era, and positioning CFOs, CIOs, Finance leaders and business executives as strategic businesses drivers within your organisation.

If you are a business leader looking at how you can transform your business and get future-ready, then this briefing is not to be missed!

The agenda of the roadshow is based around three main topics:

Digital safe spaces: Building a secure environment for businesses by ensuring data is integrated and processed more securely across cloud and non-cloud environments. Create a resilient and efficient data environment to maximise the potential growth of your business.

Technology Trends: Creative technology adoption to scale and accelerate your organisation’s digital transformation. New technology trends allow you to improve business automation, optimise artificial intelligence (AI) more rapidly and enable a comprehensive view of your business for smarter insights.

Growth Transformation: By embracing technology you can gain competitive advantage over your competitors. With a clear roadmap and digital best practice, you can begin to open up new business opportunities and create a digital culture which will enhance the capabilities of your organisation.

What makes this different from all the rest is our meet the experts session post event. Rather than the usual Q& A, we are offering all attendees the chance to come and talk to any of the expert panel on a one-to-one basis, allowing you direct access to ask the questions relevant to your business and needs.

Don’t miss out, register today for either the breakfast or lunch briefing at one of the 6 locations across the UK.

NEW Dates:
14th September Leeds South
15th September Newcastle
28th September Manchester
29th September Solihull
12th October Elstree
13th October Farnborough

Breakfast event registration 7.15am/7.30am
Event start: 7.45am
Event Close: 9.15am
Ask the Expert session: 9.15 – 10.00am

Lunch event registration 12.00noon/12.15
Event start: 12.30pm
Event Close: 14.00pm
Ask the Expert session: 14.00 – 14.45pm