Whilst implementing SOAP webservices on the GAS object, transaction STDCO, in Sage X3 Version 12, Patch 18 there were a few challenges when migrating a web service from Sage X3 Version 11.

The issues stems from the failure to receive valid error messages. After a lot of testing and with the co-operation of Sage Support UK we found a workaround. The original webservices and code were developed and tested by a third party in V11.

When moving to Version 12 Patch 16 we encountered the first Issue: when saving a journal it succeeded, but when it failed it didn’t return the error message.

Please note that we still got status 0 or 1 according to failed or succeeded but when fails, the webservice does not return the reason why.

In order to proceed we were Instructed by Sage Support to upgrade to Patch 18. After upgrading, when trying to save with invalid data we get an error message saying the reason why.

Further investigations

After the upgrade to Patch 18 when we tried to save valid data we then got an error message saying

“You do not have the rights to create this record”

In Summary

The first issue with messages was related to the Syracuse component of Patch 16.

The second issue when saving valid data appears to be a patch problem related to business logic brought in from Patch 17 and still present in Patch 19.

Patch 19 Is the most recent patch for Version 12 at the moment (14/10/19).

Tests were conducted by testing the webservice Inside X3 but also by using SOAP UI. Being that the webservices were being consumed by a third party .net app, the tests with SOAP UI would give us the most accurate result. In all cases though the rights error remains and could not be sourced from the available code. Sage are aware and are working on a resolution.

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