It’s time to shine the spotlight on our third and final winner from our team away day last month. In our recent training day hosted by Sage at their offices in Newcastle we chose to highlight 3 members of the team who had stood out for many different reasons and who Nick and Jaco felt had earned some well deserved recognition. As a small team it’s important to share and promote our successes and the work the team do. X3 Consulting want to cultivate an environment of growth and support of the team not just within their roles, but also their own personal development.  By recognising the hard work, it shows that X3C value their team and have chosen to award a select few for their achievements.

Jeremy joined the X3 Consulting team in 2021 and brought his product knowledge and experience of Sage X3. Jeremy, has this year brought in the biggest deal to X3C! Jeremy has carefully built rapport and confidence over minutes, hours, days and months of with this client and eventually through confidence and persistence, sprinkled with some good old charm he’s secured the deal. The hard work taking the client through the discovery process and getting inside their business and challenges has really paid off and meant that Jeremy is now topping our leaders board for 2023!

The team has shown incredible growth over the last 12 month and is adapting to the latest expansion which almost doubles the team! X3 Consulting builds up their people through support, recognition and growth. The recent awards was part of a new initiative to highlight the hard work of some of the individuals who have stood out over the last 12 months. Both Nick and Jaco, the Directors of the business, lead the team by supporting everyones roles within the business and offering ways to promote growth through industry training and personal development. Through this supportive, encouraging approach, X3C can grow as a team and help build on their potential and strength as a smaller business. Keeping their uniqueness is key, which is why customers and clients stay with them.

Spotlight this week:

Team award from X3 Consulting

Jeremy Cook


Big Deal!

We are delighted to welcome Jeremy Cook to the X3 Consulting team. Jeremy joins X3 Consulting as Sales Executive specialising predominantly in Sage X3 sales. Jeremy comes with over 20 years of experience working with Sage products in both the mid and enterprise markets. This has involved multiple Sage products such as Sage 200, Sage CRM, Sage X3 and all of the associated partner products through the Sage network that work with these core applications.

Jeremy has a solid background knowledge of Sage, and joined X3 Consulting with the purpose of assisting the sales team in its work to continue growing the business, and is also fully committed to the companys partners. He brings with him a history of great success in partner management and sales, and will therefore also be able to help further broaden X3 Consulting partner network.