Sage Enterprise Management changes their name back to Sage X3

Last year we all held our breath a little at the name change announced from the well-loved “Sage X3” to the newly named “Sage Enterprise Management”. Not quite as catchy as the old name but we all embraced the name and took it on board, changing the various touch-points across our marketing channels, explaining the change to customers, clients and the team. X3 were sad and they waved ‘goodbye’ to what had become such a significant icon to many.


X3 Consulting still remained strong in our brand and vision. We were not tempted by a longer name. We stayed with what we knew our clients recognised, what they felt assured by, what they loved. Sage’s reason behind the name change was in order to distinguish where Sage’s solutions sit in the marketplace, hence including the word “Enterprise” for their enterprise level product. This was supposed to make it simpler and easier for businesses to understand which Sage solution will fit their company.


Fast-forward to 2019 and after many discussions and open forums with various partners and customers of Sage discussing the name change we are thrilled and delighted that they have come back to us! Sage, have now decided to change the name back to the well-known Sage X3. No more will you see the Sage Enterprise Management name, this is replaced by the historic name that everyone globally recognises “Sage X3”.


We like to think they simply changed it back because they like us so much. Moving forward Sage Enterprise Management will now be referred to as Sage X3 (again) on all marketing material and communications.


With over 10 years’ experience with the solution our team have a depth of knowledge and understanding that is unrivalled in the UK. Our team are specialists with Sage X3 products and have recently become an accredited business partner of Sage.


If you’d like to find out more about Sage X3 please contact our X3 experts.