X3 Consulting enjoyed a unique and motivational experience at the Sage Partner Summit in London last month.

The Sage Partner Summit is one of the largest UK gathering of Sage X3 partners, with over 400 attendees. Nick Tucker was asked to give his views and experience on building customer relationships.

Thrive On

The theme for this years event was ‘Thrive On’, and provided an opportunity to connect with peers, share expertise across the UK Sage partner ecosystem and gain momentum from the key industry insights, discussed throughout the event.

Expert speakers included Sage Executive ambassadors Sabby Gill, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Philip Carter, Chief Analyst IDC Europe, with special featured speaker Cally Beaton

The conference started with some hard hitting statements from Sage around their future strategy and product innovation.

Sage has made massive strides in product innovation in the last 12 months, with a game changing, leading edge technology that can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premise. There is a clear focus on driving Sage to be a great Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for both customers and colleagues alike.

X3 Consulting are excited to see Sage has reverted back to the trusted ‘X3’ from Sage Enterprise Management, going back to the well-known and trusted name the software began with.

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Nick Tucker, Director Commercial Operations X3 Consulting

Sabby Gill, Sage Managing Director UK & Ireland

Philip Carter IDU Europe

Philip Carter, Chief Analyst IDC Europe,

Cally Beaton, Stand up comedian