Quarterly releases provide the latest updates for enhancements, stability and performance of your system, and are firmly recommended for all Sage X3 Version 12 (V12) customers.  This document lists the latest X3 releases and Technology patches for Sage X3 V12. This articles has been taken from the Sage website and has some helpful links to further information.

NOTE: since June 2020, Version 12 lifecycle is per quarterly release.  Each quarterly release has 3 months “Current” support,followed by 6 months of “Standard” support, then another 6 months of “Extended” support   (See KB article Id 105518 “Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy” for more details)


Make sure to read the included documentation, README and Release Notes. From version 2020 R1 (12.0.21) and higher, the patch is a cumulative patch. The minimum version required to apply this patch is 2019 R4 (12.0.19)

For a new installation with the iso file, a zip file exists under the PATCH directory in the ISO file, it is MANDATORY to install it after the installation of the version. Run the installation from the Updates function of the Syracuse server (Administration > Update > Updates).


This delivery contains important usability enhancements including a new Visual Process Editor. 

The 2020 R4 (12.0.24) release contains additional changes related to the new Visual Process Editor that replaces the Flash component used until now to create and modify Visual Processes. This is the second delivery of Flash replacement components.

If you use heavily customized Visual Processes, we strongly recommend you install this release on a test system to validate the display and modification of your Visual Processes in the new Visual Process Editor.

Please refer to 0285.Visual Process Editor in 2020 R4.pdf documentation in the X3V12\Patches\FlashUpdate folder for more detail of new features of the Visual Process Editor in this release of Sage X3 V12.

If you plan to install Syracuse 12.9 on a patch level lower than 2020 R4 and wish to benefit from the new Visual Process Editor, please read the Sage City Post “ALERT: New Flash Component Hotfix for X3 V12 Patch 23 and below

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a critical issue identified with 2020 R4 whereby X3 Work centre deletion is not completed and are unable to save a replacement work centre or a capacity variation.  If this issue would effect your system, do not apply 2020 R4   See “ALERT: X3 Work centre deletion not completed & unable to save a replacement work centre or a capacity variation 2020 R4” for more information

Sage X3 PatchFile name
Sage X3 2020 R4x3-patch-12.0.24.zip
Patch and Component Documentationx3-patch-documents-12.0.24.zip   See Note [1] below

NOTE – You should also review the guidelines discussed in the PDF document “Node.js Sizing for Enterprise Management V1.pdf” which is also available to download from the FTP site. This will help you configure and tune Syracuse to meet your performance and stability needs

Technology ComponentsDownload File Name
Syracuse: 12.9.1  **MandatorySyracuseServer_12.9.1.1.zip
Runtime 93.1.22 **Mandatoryruntime-93.1.22.jar.zip
AdxAdmin 93.1.22 **Mandatoryadxadmin-93.1.22.jar.zip
MongoDB (4.2)  **MandatoryMongodb_4.2.8.zip
Elastic Search 7.9See Note [4]
Print server 2.21PrintServer_2.21.0.zip
Console 2.48.0 **MandatoryConsole_2.48.0.zip
Web services (238)VTWebServer_2.38.10.zip
Java Bridge Server (223)  **Deprecated As provided on release DVD  See Note [3]


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[1] Ensure you review the information in the patch documentation, which you will find in the extracted ZIP file. You will find the installation instructions and the list of fixes. For further information on the fixes contained in all patches, including this patch, see our new Version 12 specific Patchfinder which is now available.

[2] Sage UKI Customers and Business Partners can download all patches and documentation from the Sage X3 FTP site

[3] The DVD images have also been refreshed as at Version 2020 R4 (12.0.24), you can download ISO Images of the full installation media from our FTP site at URL “https://ukienterprisedownloads.sage.co.uk/Support/SageX3/V12/ISO_Images/

[4] Sage strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Elastic Search.  The licensing of Elastic Search from v6.4 onwards has changed: Sage will not deliver the Elastic Search setup in future deliveries on our official media for on-premise Customers. Partners and customers will have to download the setup files when deploying Sage X3. You can download the latest version of Elastic Search that is certified with Sage X3 from www.elastic.co. Read the included documentation for further instructions and also refer to Sage KB article 99424 “Additional notes when upgrading ElasticSearch”