Sage X3 V11 is no longer maintained

In November 2022 Sage announced they were extending maintenance on Sage X3 Version 11 for a further 12 months until April 1st, 2024. Now this deadline is fast approaching, we wanted to reiterate that following this date, customers on Version 11 will no longer receive maintenance from Sage (patches or bug fixes)  – but will still receive support from Sage.

We are raising awareness amongst our customers and clients, and the importance for them to migrate their Sage X3 solution to the latest release for several reasons and benefits:

  • Comply with the latest Lifecycle Policy and benefit from the best service, in complete security.
  • Take advantage of the technological and functional contributions of Version 12


The Maintenance contracts for Sage Version 11 customers following April 1st, 2024, will be adapted to reflect this change with any renewal contracts.
Please take note of the following support services that will be available for our customers on Version 11:

  • Sage Web Assistance access 24/7
  • Access to the knowledge base
  • Access to the library of articles written by our software and business experts,
  • “Tips & Tricks”, FAQ
  • Access to the Sage City community
  • Access to all existing patches on the version in question


To be clear, as per Sage’s Lifecycle Policy published in November 2022, the team will not be providing maintenance on Version 11 whatever the nature of the issue is (Blocker, critical, major, minor).

We wanted to remind you of this upcoming deadline so that you can make plans to talk your account manager Jeremy Cook or contact us here and find out more about how you can upgrade to the latest version.