Sage X3 Version 12 2022 R2 quarterly update release


Currency rates on-demand

For increased ease of use, a change has been made so that you can now use the ‘Update currency rates’ function to update the rates for either all or a specific currency based on a selected date.

VAT Framework –Controls

For a simplified experience, controls are now in place to esure consistency between settings in the VAT boxes and the VAT form functions.

The below inconsistencies will now be detected:

  • A box is defined in the VAT form but not in the VAT box setup.
  • The VAT box type, Detail, Total, or Off declaration, does not match in the two settings.
  • The formula for a VAT box is different in the two settings.


Sage X3 Mobile Automation

Pick ticket transaction improved

For enhanced user experience, theEnter line details pagein the Pick ticket transactionhas been improved.

LPN linking

You can now use the LPN linking transaction to link stock lines into a License plate number.

Label printing

Label printing For increased simplicity, you can now print stock labels on the fly using the new Stock label printing transaction.

Credit memo management on scheduled invoice

For better credit memo management, new scheduled invoices are generated to reinvoice the sales order line and integrated into the project billing flow.

You can see these changes related to the credit memos in the Scheduled invoices inquiryand in the project management functions.

Project Management

Import a project

For an elevated experience, new project import template is now available from the Import/export templates function. Use theProject import template to create or update one or more projects from a single import file. All elements of the project can be imported including budgets, budget lines, tasks, task products, task operations, and operation assignments.

Project billing with Credit memos

A new functionality has been introduced for a simplified user experience whereby credit memos are displayed in billing plans and can be re-invoiced on demand in full or in part if the Re-invoicing field on the credit memo line is set to yes.This completes the fully integrated features of time billing and progress billing.

Planned load initialisation on Employee assignments

To save you time, the employee planned load is now synchornised automatically when the planned load is updated on the task operation. This behaviour only occurs if a unique employee is assigned to the operation from the Task operation list and not from the operational detail screen.


Sage X3 Mobile Automation

Time tracking For an improved user experience, a new Mobile Automation Time tracking transaction replaces the current ADC time tracking transaction. You can use this function to record operator time and progress against work order operations and you can also use the ‘Add quantity’ button to track multiple time records against a single work order and operation. To move between operations for a work order, or between work orders use the next button.

Production label printing

For ease of use, anew Mobile Automation Production label printing transaction prints production labels from content determined by the user using selection fields provided.

Material consumption -unplanned materials management

A new Mobile Automation Material consumption transaction has been introduced which replaces the current ADCs Material output transaction. You can usethis function to record planned and unplanned material issues and consumption progress against work orders. You can also use the Add quantity button to track multiple material issue records against a single work order. Use the Next button to move between components for a work order, or between work orders.

Sage X3 Web Scheduling

New Sage X3 Web Scheduling version: is now available.

Want to learn more?The Sage X3 Central Centre of Excellence team are running a series of New Feature Highlights sessions where you can learn the value of the newest features of Sage X3 2022 R2.

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