We combined our triumphant training day with our employee awards last month. This meant we were able to recognise some of the hard work done by our amazing team. When you work in a small business, you really have to step up and deliver as there is no one else you can hide behind. This is why X3 Consulting and the team are like a family. We all work together towards a common goal in the knowledge we can make a difference and the input of each team member, matters.

The team has shown incredible growth over the last 12 month and is adapting to the latest expansion which almost doubles the team! X3 Consulting builds up their people through support, recognition and growth. The recent awards was part of a new initiative to highlight the hard work of some of the individuals who have stood out over the last 12 months. Both Nick and Jaco, the Directors of the business, lead the team by supporting everyones roles within the business and offering ways to promote growth through industry training and personal development. Through this supportive, encouraging approach, X3C can grow as a team and help build on their potential and strength as a smaller business. Keeping their uniqueness is key, which is why customers and clients stay with them.

Spotlight this week:

Luis Moreira


The Optimist


Luis is very much the ‘yes’ man of the team. Always happy to help another and get involved in trouble shooting some of the more complex project challenges. He never complains and his positive demeanour hasn’t gone unnoticed. The willingness to help and get the job done, with a smile awarded him with the title ‘The optimist’.