The Live Sessions: X3CloudDocs

X3CloudDocs Inbound seamlessly integrates with Sage X3 to automate the accounts payable (AP) process.

The likes of IDC, Hackett Group, and Gartner have identified AP automation as one of the highest priorities for the Finance department over the next 2 years. Businesses that utilise AP automation can reduce processing costs by more than 70% and reduce manual processing time by two-thirds.

X3CloudDocs Inbound offers these kinds of benefits to Sage X3 users, revolutionising AP processes for our customers.

So, how does it work? X3CloudDocs Inbound automates the accounts payable invoice process through a dedicated workflow. The intelligent technology reads your digital purchase invoices (matching to a Purchase Order, if there is one) and automatically populates required fields for the invoice to be processed e.g. Buyer, Supplier Name, Invoice Number, Gross Value.  Not only does this dramatically reduce the cost of manually processing an invoice, which can be as much as £25, it also saves time across the business, allowing employees to focus on more strategic activities.

The financial record of the invoice is automatically created in Sage X3 ready for payment, with the original document securely stored in the cloud. As a browser-based solution, users can access these documents remotely on any device meaning your accounts payable department can adopt a work from home environment.

Unlike a manual process, X3CloudDocs Inbound provides full control, auditability and traceability supporting compliance and preventing identity fraud.

This digital transformation for your finance department provides instant cost savings and incredibly quick ROI. “X3CloudDocs has revolutionised the way we work. We can now successfully process 1 months’ worth of invoices in just a couple of afternoons, rather than 1 week!” – Financial Analyst, Burns Pet food.

To find out more and see the solution in action, join Part One of The Live Sessions on Thursday 17th February where our X3CloudDocs experts will be running a live demonstration.

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