Introducing X3Connect!

At X3 Consulting we want to ensure you are maximising the potential of your investment into the ERP world. We have been listening to our customers and finding out what other areas they would like to improve on across their business operations. We’ve had requests for expense management, warehouse management, banking automation, driver scheduling, so we have put together monthly webinars to introduce various integration solutions for both Sage Intacct and Sage X3.

In these 30 minute webinars and you will get some information about the highlighted solution and a brief demo of what it can do to help your organisation.

This could be the best 30 minutes you’ll ever spend to save you hundreds, even thousands of hours in the future.

Here is the schedule so far:

11th January 2024


Introducing Phocas – A full business planning and analytics platform

Phocas is a cloud-based business planning & analytics platform offering fully integrated solutions for Analytics, Budgeting and Forecasting, and Financial Statements. These solutions work seamlessly together to help businesses report, budget, and act faster by putting data in the hands of decision-makers.

Phocas gives you better visibility to best serve customers and more financial control. No more waiting for changes and reports so you can get on with making smart moves today and planning a more certain future for your business.



8th February 2024


Introducing Draycir – Streamline your document management and credit control

Draycir is an award-winning software company who design easy-to-use, practical and affordable solutions that help businesses work smarter. Draycir’s innovative products help businesses streamline practices, reduce costs and environmental impact, avoid bad debt and improve cash flow. Draycir’s ethos creates products with high levels of usability, supported by excellent resources and on-going development. The company’s reputation reflects its commitment to giving first class customer service to partners and product users. Customers of all shapes and sizes have benefited from streamlined practices, reduced costs and improved cash flow as a result of using our document management and credit control solutions.


14th March 2024


Introducing Zap – BI – Deliver accurate, trusted financial and operational reporting

ZAP Data Hub for Sage Intacct automates data collection from ERP, CRM, finance systems, databases, files and more. It delivers high-speed, stable data migration for even the largest and most complex data sets. ZAP Data Hub has pre-built analytical data models for BI reporting. Its metadata-driven approach pairs familiar business terminology with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Sage Data & Analytics for Sage X3 is the best-priced data management, BI, and analytics solution for Sage X3. Get fast, efficient financial and operational reporting. Add insight from additional data sources like CRMs, add-ons, and Excel. And enjoy a no-code alternative to hand-built data warehouses and data management.