Datalinx for Sage X3

Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3

Warehouse management for Sage X3

The Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 (WHM X3) application is designed and developed to deliver the key warehousing functionality that today’s business require, yet achieve this without compromising or taking control from the Sage system at the core of the business. 

Embedded within the business processes of Sage, Datalinx allows the operatives in the warehouse to be wirelessly connected to Sage via our dedicated Warehouse Manager screens and utilise the latest mobile devices within their site environment.

Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 - GS1-128 Barcodes

Exploring GS1-128 barcodes, the information within them, why they are beneficial, requirements and how Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 uses them. Saving time and increasing efficiency in the warehouse

Sage integrations

When the Datalinx Warehouse Manager application is installed, in line with Sage ISV Developer guidelines a number of additional data fields associated with products and for example, locations are applied, together with additional business logic which allow the Datalinx Warehouse Manager system to provide the functionality that warehouse users require within the core package.

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Extensive Warehouse Management functionality

Warehouse Manager delivers a system which is warehouse centric and fully Sage aware and offers extensive WMS functionality. It is seen as a module within the core Sage application and this in depth and tight integration is a key differentiator between Datalinx and other warehousing systems. The direct integration is a core principle of all Datalinx Warehouse Manager systems and with Datalinx the data used for the Sage inventory database and records is exactly the same as that used for inventory within the warehouse. Because this is integrated and the business is not working from a separate database, information is always seen live and in real time. 


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