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X3C team day

Last week we had the privilege of being hosted at the Sage offices for our annual team meet up. The team all came together from across the globe to hear the latest news and updates from the business leaders. Jaco and Nick took us through the various challenges we’ve faced as a smaller business and turned these into our biggest qualities. Yes, qualities! As a smaller business we get to have close relationships with our clients and can ensure we offer that personal touch not just in service but also knowing and understanding the challenges of their business. This gives us far more insight in terms of what we offer to our clients than most other businesses. Imagine calling your mobile provider and them knowing everything about you and what you use each month without telling them!

This care extends beyond just our clients but to our people. We value each member of our team as each person brings their own strength and skill to the business. Part of the day was to promote our new company culture within the business which is to support, develop and grow. The business is gaining momentum and as such we have added to the team with 7 new team members this month alone! This takes our total to 20! People are at the heart of what we do as a service business which is why we decided to recognise some of the achievements of the team over the last 12 months.

We held an awards ceremony with the following awards and winners on the day. We also recognised the achievements of the team with a little appreciation gift which was well received by all:

WINNERS from the day were:

Luis Moreira – The ever optimist

Alfred Mlambo – Support superstar

Jeremy Cook – Big Deal

This marks are very exciting year for the business, showing not just the growth of the team but the increased business achieved through the hard work, excellent service and dedication from the whole team. As we continue to support the X3C family, this in turn will lead to the success of the overall business.

And finally, the best team days are the ones that lead to a practical result. Having a get together is fine, but having tools and techniques you can use going forwards is even better. Having a laugh with magic tricks is entertaining (this happened in the evening!), but committing to (and carrying out) action is what leads to enduring change in the business.