Your ERP system might be out of date and too complex to handle your industry’s challenges. We explore the benefits of you upgrading to an enterprise management solution.


Globalisation, increasing competition, the constant need to expand revenue bases while cutting costs— aka doing more with less—are among the many changes significantly impacting industries such as distribution, manufacturing, and services.

It’s tougher than ever to be competitive, and as a result, too many businesses are saying, “We can’t” when it comes to:

  • Accessing the data and insights they need to make smart, timely decisions.
  • Collaborating effectively across departments and partners.
  • Monitoring, reporting, and complying with financial regulations.
  • Evolving and growing quickly and confidently.

If that’s also true of your business, then it may be that your old-school accounting or enterprise resource management (ERP) software is too inflexible, complex, and outdated to promote future success. Instead of making you more agile in the face of rapid changes in your market, these “solutions” are actually increasing inefficiencies that undermine your profits and growth potential.

Here are the 4 reasons businesses choose to upgrade to ERP:

Grow your business with confidence

Your mandate to grow is always a priority. That means you need to keep up with evolving market conditions by ensuring that your business is agile, responsive, and connected. Today’s enterprise management solutions integrate and streamline your departments, networks, people, devices, networks, and business processes—enabling you to unlock the potential of the digital economy and deliver new experiences and value to customers.

The ability to manage growth requires a solution that:

  • Works efficiently moving forward, providing a path to innovations such as the Internet of Things.
  • Allows you to increase capacity, implement new processes, and manage new business units anywhere in the world.
  • Provides flexible, customisable configuration specific to your business.
  • Helps you stay compliant with financial reporting.

Become more efficient in your business operations

The concept is not rocket science: control your business processes and you’ll work more efficiently. For example, if your management tools are not integrated among people and departments—creating a lack of insight into your operations—then there’s a high possibility that your employees and executives are spending too much time discovering actionable information. Your customers and partners will feel the effects in terms of added cost and inconvenience.

A modern enterprise management solution allows you to:

  • Streamline your operations with end-to-end integration of your business processes.
  • Eliminate disparate sources of information.
  • Manage core business processes from one place.
  • Accelerate collaboration among users around the world.

Make smarter decisions

It’s absolutely critical to understand the power of data in your decision-making. The right enterprise management solution provides real-time reporting business intelligence for executives, managers, and leaders who need to see what’s going on acrosstheir businesses. It also provides built-in analytics, delivering deeper insight into their operations while accelerating reporting, communications, and decision-making. Your solution should include:

  • Real-time monitoring of performance and costs.
  • Actionable data intelligence for accelerated reporting and communication.
  • Integration across all departments with a single view.

Reduce IT cost and complexity

Modern enterprise management solutions were built to provide the functionality, security, and scalability at a fraction of the cost and complexity of legacy ERP systems. They also simplify the management of international trade across suppliers, contractors, partners, and customers (multi-language, multi- currency) and can manage a global business from one common installed instance (global compliance, multi-legislation, multi-ledger).

Another important benefit is automated data migration. Executives no longer need to fear previously cumbersome and time-consuming heavy lifting—the right vendor with the right enterprise management solution will provide the tools and services to move data seamlessly.

In short, reducing IT complexity frees up resources, enabling businesses to focus on more important projects.

Ready to work faster, simpler, and more flexibly? Now you can.

With today’s technology advancements, there’s no need to settle for less when it comes to your enterprise management solution. And now, with the introduction of Sage Business Cloud, you can future-proof your business with the only management solution you’ll ever need. Sage Business Cloud enables you to come onto the platform at any stage of your business and allows you to grow over time

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